Late on Saturday night, he made hints about plans to remove Twitter’s blue bird emblem, which is the visual representation of the word “tweet” that Twitter uses.

Elon Musk has changed a lot of things since he took over Twitter, but his most recent action will revolutionize Twitter in a way that has never been done before. He wants to do rid of the blue bird from which “tweet” is derived, which is the Twitter emblem. The platform will now go by the name “X”

1)  The most significant adjustment Musk has likely made since the takeover is Twitter Blue. Musk replaced the blue badge used for legacy verification with a mechanism that requires payment. An enormous uproar followed the decision, with some citing security concerns and others lamenting the loss of their blue badge.

2) Then, Twitter started using gold and silver ticks to represent brands and public individuals, respectively. The microblogging site began distributing blue ticks to celebrities using the platform to attest that they were not fakes earlier this year in one of its frequent U-turns.

3) The decision by Musk to reinstate numerous well-known accounts that had been suspended by the previous Twitter leadership also caused uproar. Rapper Ye (Kanye West), who is suspected of disseminating anti-Semitic content, influencer Andrew Tate, who is currently detained in Romania on suspicion of trafficking in persons, and former US president Donald Trump, who is accused of inciting riots on Capitol Hill, were among them.

4) Musk also came under fire for firing thousands of people from Twitter soon after the takeover. In an effort to decrease costs, over half of its staff were let go. Employees received an ultimatum from the Twitter CEO in a mail, which stated that they would “need to be extremely hardcore” and that only “exceptional performance” would qualify as passing.

5) Twitter’s advertising business largely fell apart in the midst of the significant changes on the platforms and inside its offices. Musk said earlier this month that Twitter’s ad revenue has decreased by close to 50%. Even before the takeover, the microblogging service was having issues, and its popularity and influence were not translating into money. According to Musk, the decline in ad revenue and high debt burden are the key reasons why Twitter’s cash flow is still negative.

6) Musk has introduced payments and commerce over the platform in an effort to find new sources of income. According to Musk, Twitter should include services like peer-to-peer transactions as part of his plan for a “everything app” that serves as a social networking platform and a means of payment.

7) According to rough estimates, Twitter has around 200 million daily active users. However, the site has seen a number of technological issues since Musk’s takeover as he fine-tuned the platform. The “For You” and “Following” tabs are among the modifications.

8) Meanwhile, Twitter is under competition. Threads, a text-based platform established by Facebook parent Meta earlier this month. According to estimates, the new Instagram-connected network already has around 150 million users. However, according to statistics from market research firm Sensor Tower, the amount of time users spend on Threads has decreased since its inception, according to news agency AFP.

9) Many influencers have expressed their intention to leave Twitter as Musk pushes to change the name and logo. This is a new batch of users leaving the platform, following an exodus following Musk’s acquisition.

10) Musk has previously designated the X Corporation as Twitter’s parent business. “If a good enough X logo is posted tonight, we’ll make (it) go live worldwide tomorrow,” he promised yesterday. He has also stated that a new insignia should be “of course, Art Deco,” and that a post would be referred to as “an X” under the site’s new identity.

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