If you’ve ever wondered how much Apple engineers make in compared to other tech companies, new data from Blind can help. Google and Meta are the best-paying tech companies for engineers, according to the research, while Microsoft and Apple pay less.

Blind is an online forum where employees at technology businesses can anonymously exchange information about their jobs, such as promotions, salary, and grievances. According to The Verge, this new study is based on self-reported data published by Blind last week.

According to the data, Amazon, Google, and Meta pay entry-level engineers more than Apple and Microsoft. Amazon pays an average of $159,000, Google pays an average of $184,000, and Meta pays an average of $179,000. Apple’s average salary for entry-level engineers is $142,000, whereas Microsoft’s is $141,000.

This pattern is fairly stable across all career levels, including professional, senior, staff, and principal. Blind, on the other hand, extracted a few additional intriguing pieces from the data. Amazon, for example, has a greater pay range than other corporations, which implies “compensation can vary greatly.”

Meanwhile, Apple’s pay levels are “less competitive” than those of other corporations, but its pay tiers and job levels are more “consistent and fair.”

“Among Big Tech companies, Google has one of the most balanced or consistent pay bands.” This suggests that someone at a lower employment level is unlikely to get paid more than someone at a higher one.”

“Meta engineers appear to be the fastest leveling up and have some of the highest pay.”

“Microsoft has many job levels for software engineers, which may give the company more leeway in awarding promotions.” However, until the position of staff software engineer, their overall remuneration is lower than that of their peers.”

The complete data breakdown may be accessed on Blind’s website, with additional details in the charts below.


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