The unmistakable red “end call” button has been placed between other buttons, which we’re sure will cause confusion.

Apple’s marketing would have you believe that the business is the undisputed leader in smartphone innovation, but this is not always the case. In fact, Apple is one of the slowest to update the iPhone or iOS. Every minor modification will effect how millions of iPhone user use their devices, and the business is taking its time with them. Even the iPhone 15’s switch to USB-C is being influenced by EU laws. Apple is now making another minor but significant update to iOS by relocating the “end call” button.

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Apple recently released iOS 17 beta 5, and one of the changes is where the end call button appears on the call screen. According to Gizmodo, Apple has moved the button from the very prominent center place to the right corner. The other buttons are also rearranged, so there is now a cluster of buttons at the bottom where the red button used to dwell alone.

Before you say that, let me say that this is a minor modification that should not cause concern. But, unfortunately, I must disagree with that sentiment. This is a minor change in the user interface, but it represents a huge change in the user experience, and it contradicts a decade’s worth of muscle memory for hundreds of millions of iPhone users.


That red button floating alone at the bottom was unmistakable, and you couldn’t accidently press it while trying to click other buttons.

This button, however, will be put beside buttons of the same form and size in iOS 17. The color is still red and thus distinct, but there’s no disputing that the consistency in shape and size, as well as the positioning of the button, will confuse many people. Many people will wind up touching the keypad or the mute button when they wish to cancel the call, and retraining their muscle memory will take some time.

Despite all of the critiques leveled at the iOS caller UI screen, customers did not want the original positioning of the end call button to be changed. So it’s difficult to understand why Apple made this modification.

Because this is a beta, Apple may reverse the change by the time iOS 17 is released in stable. The iPhone 15 will be released alongside iOS 17, and we hope Apple reverses this decision.

By Deesha

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