Apple’s customer service strategy may be changing. Customers may no longer be able to access direct support from Apple workers on social media channels such as Twitter and YouTube beginning later this year, according to MacRumors.

According to the source, Apple intends to discontinue all human responses to consumer direct messages on the @AppleSupport Twitter account on October 1, 2023. Customers will instead receive an automatic response with advice on how to contact Apple for assistance.

Apple will also discontinue providing technical support in the YouTube comments sections of videos on its support channel. Furthermore, the paid Community Specialist role within the Apple Support Community, an online forum where users request assistance, will be phased out.

It’s unclear why Apple is doing this, but the decision will have an impact on both customers and employees. While customers will no longer be able to access direct service on Twitter and YouTube, staff who previously held these positions may risk job insecurity.

Employees affected by this change are reportedly offered the opportunity to transition to phone-based support roles within the corporation. However, some people are unable or unwilling to make the change. Apple is also restricting employees’ ability to switch to other chat-based support professions unless there are medical reasons for doing so. According to MacRumors, this has generated dissatisfaction among members of the social media support team.

For nearly 6 years, Apple has provided customer help via Twitter. However, according to MacRumors sources, Apple rationalized its decision to cease Twitter support in a recent meeting with employees by noting customer preferences for phone-based help. Apple has not yet commented on this.

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