Gold and Silver Prices:  The prices of 22 and 24-karat (K) gold, as well as silver, have remained steady from the previous day.

The prices of 22 and 24-carat (K) gold, as well as silver, remain steady from the previous day on Wednesday. The prices for one gram, eight gram, ten gram, and one hundred gram of 22K gold are 5470, 43,760, 54700, and 5,47,000, respectively, according to the Goodreturns website.

Similarly, the corresponding prices for 24K gold are 5967, 47,736, 59,670, and 5,96,700, respectively. A ‘carat’ is the percentage of pure gold in a piece of jewelry. 24K represents about 100% (99.9%) purity, while 22K represents around 91%.

City 22K Gold (price/10 gram) 24K Gold (price/10 gram)
Ahmedabad ₹ 54,750 ₹ 59,720
Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai ₹ 54,700 ₹ 59,670
Chennai ₹ 55,200 ₹ 60,220
Delhi ₹ 54,850 ₹ 59,820

Buyers should keep in mind that the gold rates listed above are simply indicative; they do not include GST, TCS, or other charges. One must consult their local jeweler for accurate pricing.

Prices for silver on August 30

The silver rates on Wednesday, on the other hand, are 77.10 (one gram), 616.80 (eight gram), 7710 (100 gram), and 77,100 (1 kilogram).

City Price (per 10 gram)
Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai ₹ 771
Bengaluru ₹ 757.50
Chennai, Hyderabad ₹ 802

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