In a recent interview, Elon Musk revealed the real reason he rebranded Twitter’s blue bird design.

Since Elon Musk revealed the new Twitter logo, speculation has been rife regarding the motivations behind the Chief Twit’s actions. Musk rebranded Twitter logo to X, on Monday, replacing the classic blue bird emblem that has left an indelible impact on the collective consciousness of billions of users.

The new logo, a white X against a pitch black background, has already begun to appear on the web and mobile versions of the famous microblogging platform.

While Musk has kept the world guessing about the exact significance of the abrupt revamp, a fresh story appears to hint at his broader plans. According to CNBC, the term X indicates Musk’s plans to establish an all-encompassing platform dubbed “everything app.”

When it was merely 140 characters traveling back and forth like birds tweeting, the 52-year-old technocrat believed the name Twitter made sense. However, he claims that users can now upload ‘virtually anything’.

Musk’s views come at a time when analysts see the move as hazardous since it reverses decades of branding that went into building the brand Twitter.

Elon Musk took over Twitter in October 2022, following a lengthy purchase saga. Since the acquisition, Musk has implemented significant reforms such as personnel reductions and the introduction of a subscription model via which anyone can obtain the coveted verified badge. After taking over the platform, he even briefly modified the emblem to that of a dog named Shiba Inu.

His most recent shift was the appointment of Linda Yaccarino, a former NBCUniversal executive, as CEO of Twitter. She took over as CEO on June 5, and the renaming is the most significant change since her appointment.

Yaccarino was among the officials who announced the renaming on Monday. She posted on her Twitter account, “X is here! Let’s get started.” The CEO also shared a photo of the logo projected on the company’s San Francisco headquarters.

Following her appointment as CEO, it was claimed that Yaccarino planned to make a number of changes to Twitter in order to entice advertisers who had left when Musk took over the platform. Her ambitions included launching a video ad business, courting additional celebrities, and increasing staff.

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