Forget the Pixel Fold and the iPhone 14 Pro; the phone I can’t stop using is the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

I have everything, yet one phone does everything.

By Philip Berne

Image credits: Philip Berne

As a phone reviewer, I have access to all of the top phones, and as long as I’m not in the middle of a review (when I only use the review phone), I may use whichever phone I choose. It’s not difficult. I still use my Galaxy S23 Ultra when I have a choice of everything. There is no other phone that can do everything my S23 Ultra does, and on a recent vacation, I was proven more right than ever.

I actually mean it when I say I have all of the top phones. My friends and family aren’t pleased with my review sample collection, but when I want to show off, I pull out my Motorola Razr Plus. It’s the greatest phone I’ve ever had, and it’s also the smallest, so it’s ideal for certain scenarios. I require a phone in all situations, not only glamorous gatherings where I wear slacks with tight pockets.

When I need my phone to be my major source of entertainment, I reach for my Google Pixel Fold. Although I prefer the Samsung folding software on the Galaxy Z Fold 4, the Pixel Fold is much easier to use whether closed or open. Furthermore, the cameras are adequate but not exceptional.

Even while the Galaxy S23 Ultra lacks the large 7.6-inch display found in the Pixel Fold and Galaxy Z Fold 4, its massive, quick screen is bright, crisp, and larger than practically anything else that doesn’t fold in half. I’m not missing the extra screen space.

Of course, I also have an iPhone 14 Pro to keep up with both iOS and Android. The next iOS 17 seems really promising, and I’m already using the Public Beta. Even with all of the latest upgrades, I don’t miss anything about the iPhone after switching to my Galaxy. I mostly prefer the iPhone because it allows me to connect with other iPhone users the best.

Except for my Galaxy S23 Ultra, I left everything at home.

Clearly, I have too much technology, and I tend to become overburdened. I bring too much: a work laptop, a phone (or two), a tablet or my finest Kindle, as well as chargers for everything. I brought my large Anker 733 battery pack, a smartwatch, USB-C hubs, and dongles. I’m not afraid of missing out (FOMO), but of losing my iPhone (FOMi).

What if I could only bring one device?

I tasted it recently when visiting family and friends in my hometown. I was taking Monday off, so I figured I’d leave everything behind! There is no laptop. There is no tablet. Only my Galaxy S23 Ultra and a little Anker charging plug were present. I was going as light as possible, and it was the least amount of electronics I’d carried since 1991.

Everything was going swimmingly until Saturday morning, when I was invited to a virtual meeting on Monday morning that required me to sign an NDA. To be honest, I couldn’t have come up with a better test case for the Galaxy S23 Ultra, and I wasn’t bothered about what I’d left behind. I was rather excited.

I opened the NDA, signed it, and returned it as soon as possible. My signature appeared to have been made with a genuine pen rather than my finger. Then I had a good time during the weekend. On Saturday night, I realized I hadn’t charged my phone. Since I pulled into the garage on Friday night, my phone had been unplugged. I still have almost 40% power.

On Monday morning, I used the USB-C port to connect my phone to an external monitor. I plugged in a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard. Samsung’s DeX was introduced. It’s a laptop-like environment that enables opening many windows on a larger display easier.

I could have used my girlfriend’s laptop, but my accounts were already preloaded on the phone. I don’t need to use two-factor authentication to access my email, calendar, or critical meeting. I already have all of my apps installed, including Slack and Airtable, so there’s no need for me to download or sign in to anything new.

It is not just one of the Galaxy S23 Ultra cameras, but all of them.

Whether it’s a professional circumstance, a travel plan, or just a good time, the Galaxy S23 Ultra is the phone I rely on the most. I often extol the S23 Ultra cameras, but the joy of the Galaxy S23 Ultra is never having to worry about them.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is the ideal phone for “Hey, look at that bird!!” or “Aww, look at his little tongue sticking out” moments.

When I have time to organize my photos, I think I’ll go with the OnePlus 11, which shoots very cool and trendy photos. I enjoy experimenting with unexpected angles on foldable flip phones such as the Motorola Razr Plus. My life, on the other hand, is full of surprises, and I must be prepared.

When I learn about the middle school band concert that my child overlooked, I need to know that my camera will be able to catch these fleeting moments of trombone playing and standing ovations.

When the kiddo ‘graduated’ from middle school, I was evaluating the Motorola Razr Plus. Yeah, I know, we didn’t have those when I was a kid, too, but it’s a huge deal now. I regret solely using the review phone for reviews. Even with the tiniest zoom from the back of the orchestra section, the Razr Plus was unable of producing outstanding images. My child is a fuzzy, blocky jumble in the ensuing images, and I won’t get another chance to record that moment.

I will not make the same mistake again when it comes to high school graduation. If I don’t bring my huge Nikon D750 camera, I’ll bring a superzoom smartphone, such as whatever succeeds the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Okay, the circumstance lends itself to the Galaxy S23 Ultra’s 10X optical zoom capabilities, but the camera is simply more capable overall than any other phone. I know the S23 Ultra shoots beautiful food photographs that look more like a dream, in the greatest sense, when I bake a batch of delectable scones. When my pet is snoozing sweetly, I know my Galaxy S23 Ultra will capture the low-light image swiftly before she strikes another stance.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra is always well received.

One of the more obscure reasons I prefer the Galaxy S23 Ultra over all of my previous phones is just dependability. To be honest, the equipment required to adequately assess network signal strength and call quality is out of most tech journals’ budgets. From my experience, I can state that when I need to rely on a phone for network strength, I use my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.

As a former summer camp counselor, I’ve spent time in the Pennsylvania highlands with pals clutching the nicest iPhones. I had no issue sending messages or accessing the web whereas others couldn’t get a single bar of service.

“What network are you on?” They’d inquire.

“Samsung,” I’d explain. Because I was using the same US carrier as they were, yet I had no issue finding a signal with my Samsung phone. No phone I possess will perform better if my Galaxy S23 Ultra cannot connect to the internet.

When needed to test the Best Mobile Networks in 2022 across the entire country, they chose the Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, as they always do for this perennial test. Samsung does not pay for this benefit. PCMag prefers Galaxy S phones because they consistently provide the finest service.

There are numerous excellent phones to choose from, and everyone has distinct priorities that are equally valid. I prioritize excessively. Everything is far too crucial. I require a phone that can do all that other smartphones do, and then some. The Galaxy S23 Ultra is the best phone money can buy, and it’s the only one I use.

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