Do you want to buy gold or silver? Find out how much these will cost you right now.

According to the Goodreturns website, the daily prices of 22 and 24-carat (K) gold are unchanged from the previous day on Thursday. As a result, buyers must pay $5430 for one gram of 22K gold and $43,440 for eight grams. The prices for 10 and 100 grams are 54,300 and 5,43,000, respectively.

One gram of 24K gold, on the other hand, costs 5923, whereas eight gram costs 47,384; ten gram costs 59,230, and one hundred gram costs 5,92,300.

City 22K Gold price (10 gram) 24K Gold price (per 10 gram)
Ahmedabad ₹ 54,350 ₹ 59,280
Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai ₹ 54,300 ₹ 59,230
Chennai ₹ 54,660 ₹ 59,630
Delhi ₹ 54,450 ₹ 59,400

People should keep in mind that the gold prices given above are only indicative; they do not include GST, TCS, or other taxes. Only a local jewelers can provide you with exact prices.

Prices for silver on August 24

Silver’s daily price is also constant. According to Goodreturns, one gram of silver costs $75.30, and eight grams cost $602.40. On the other side, 10 gram, 100 gram, and 1 kg of the metal cost 753, 7530, and 75,300, respectively.

City Silver price (10 gram)
Ahmedabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai ₹ 753
Bengaluru ₹ 745
Chennai, Hyderabad ₹ 785


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