We’re only a few weeks away from Apple’s highly anticipated event, which will see the release of the iPhone 15 and the Apple Watch Series 9 lineup. Although we are enthusiastic about Apple Watch 9, rumours indicate that it will only have minor differences from the Apple Watch 8 lineup. While we wait for the next-generation Apple Watch, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has found an intriguing tidbit that confirms why Apple may be delaying big advancements with Apple Series 9. It’s due to the impending Apple Watch X, which we’ll go into in depth below, so stay reading.


The Apple Watch X Will Mark the Device’s Tenth Anniversary.

Mark Gurman stated in his monthly PowerOn Newsletter that Apple is planning to release a special edition smartwatch called “Apple Watch X” between 2024 and 2025 (perhaps next year) to mark the device’s 10-year milestone. Gurman believes that the special edition Apple Watch X will feature a total redesign, promising to be the most significant yet. The reveal will be identical to that of the iPhone X, which brought the notch to the iPhone lineup for the first time.

According to reports, the Apple Watch X will have a smaller casing and a new band mechanism. This means that earlier Apple Watch bands will be incompatible with the next wristwatch, a feature that hasn’t changed since the original Apple Watch debuted in 2015.

According to Gurman, who cited Apple insiders, the company is looking into adding a Magnetic Band Attachment System to the Apple Watch X, which is seen to be more practical. According to insiders, the existing band mechanism for the Apple Watch takes up a significant amount of space, which might be better utilized for a larger battery or other internal components in a redesigned design. However, it is unknown whether or not this new attachment technology will be included in the Apple Watch X.

The Apple Watch X could possibly be the company’s first smartwatch with a microLED display and blood pressure tracking.

As previously said, the Apple Watch X is expected to be released later in 2024 or 2025. And, based on past leaks, the microLED display may not be available until the second half of 2025. However, we are still anticipating the introduction of the Apple Watch 9 and the next-generation Apple Watch Ultra. These phones are rumored to come with a new S9 chipset for enhanced performance, as well as dark titanium and a new pink color option.


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