Animal teaser: In the film, Ranbir Kapoor and his movie father Anil Kapoor have a strained relationship.

The teaser for Animal was unveiled on Ranbir Kapoor’s 41st birthday. The teaser is as intense as they come. The video starts with Ranbir Kapoor’s character and his love interest Rashmika Mandanna out for a walk when she asks him, “Thought about kids?” Ranbir responds that he aspires to be a father. When Rashmika asks if he will be like his father, a triggered Ranbir Kapoor recalls his relationship with his father Anil Kapoor, which is far from good. There are flashbacks of Anil Kapoor viciously slapping his son. Returning to the present, Ranbir tells Rashmika that his father “is the best father in the world.”

“I am sure I made some mistakes,” Anil Kapoor says of his tumultuous connection with his son. I had no idea how to raise a son.” Ranbir responds, “You trained me well,” and dramatic music and fragments of him evolving into a mobster play. The trailer concludes with Ranbir Kapoor bleeding as a voice over warns his father that this is only the beginning and that much more is to come. He also requests that his father “finish him.” The man in issue looks to be Bobby Deol, who emerges at the end of the video with no words uttered and a knife in his hand.

Check the teaser below:

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