Jawan movie, which was released yesterday, has surpassed all previous opening day records and is heading for a historic opening weekend. Continue reading!

Even before the film was released, the verdict for Shah Rukh Khan’s Jawan was clear: BLOCKBUSTER. Yes, it’s one of those films that doesn’t rely on critical acclaim to be a box office hit. But, certainly, the amazing audience reception will undoubtedly aid the major in bringing out an unbelievable number, and it has a good possibility of becoming one of the top three Hindi weekends of all time. Continue reading to learn more!

SRK’s next action film is his first cooperation with director Atlee, as well as Nayanthara and Vijay Sethupathi. This confluence of talents from several Indian cinema sectors is well received by the audience, with almost unanimous approval. That’s somewhat surprising given that mass performers typically appeal to only a subset of viewers.

Jawan, which was released yesterday, surpassed all previous opening day records, with the Hindi version alone earning 65.50 crores on the first day. Following such a successful day, the film is likely to earn 40-45 crores today, with a surge of up to 65 crores or more expected tomorrow. With this tendency, a score of 170 crores is projected in the first three days, leading it to be the biggest three-day total for a Hindi film.

Take a look at the top three Hindi weekends of all time (3-day) that Jawan hopes to surpass:

  • Pathaan (Hindi) -161 crores.
    KGF Chapter 2 (Hindi) -143.64 crores
    Gadar 2 – 134.88 crores.

What are your thoughts? Will Jawan easily surpass Gadar 2, KGF Chapter 2 and Pathaan for the highest three-day opening weekend for a Hindi film? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Please keep in mind that box office figures are based on estimations from multiple sources.

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