BIGHIT MUSIC has produced an intriguing music video for BTS’ V’s solo pre-release track BTS Love Me Again, and we absolutely adore his musical approach! Continue reading to learn more.

BIGHIT MUSIC released the MV for Love Me Again on August 9, and we love his new style! The simple R&B approach combined with his own manner resulted in a wonderful song about how he hopes to be loved again. Throughout the song, his deep voice modulates brilliantly. His fashion in the MV is also just like him: attention-grabbing, minimalistic, and shows out Kim Taehyung’s lovely figure.

V’s solo debut from BTS Layover:

BIGHIT MUSIC announced on August 8th that BTS’ V’s solo collection ‘Layover’ will be published on September 8th at 1 PM KST (9:30 AM IST). Layover includes ‘Rainy Days,’ ‘Blue,’ ‘Love Me Again,’ ‘Slow Dancing,’ ‘For Us,’ and a bonus tune, for a total of six tracks. Except for the extra tracks, music videos for 5 tracks will be supplied. V demonstrated his exceptional talent by coordinating, appearing in, and shooting the music video for his self-created track ‘Winter Bear,’ so he put in a lot of effort. V has dedicated a significant amount of time and energy to the creation of his independent record.

V stated in a vlog taped in June 2022, “There are so many things I need to do.” I’ve planned everything; I intended to make eight music videos, so I cut it down.” BIGHIT Music recommends listening to V’s solo album from track 1 to 5 in a connected stream. Fans are looking forward to the album since V is expected to connect all of the music naturally and agreeably. The collection combines a heartfelt soul style with a free and relaxed atmosphere, a pop R&B style that produces a new vibe, and an R&B genre with V’s low-pitched voice, which captures V’s tone and sensibility.

V’s activities in BTS:

People Heartthrobs Universe Awards 2023, which were organized by a global web-based online voting site from April 26 to July 31, ranked V first in two categories: Man of the Year and Entertainer of the Year. V is in a class of his own with his delightful show and amazing appearance, and he has been highly praised for his abilities as a vocalist and lyricist, and his long-awaited solo record will be released shortly. Prior to that, news surfaced that Min Hee Jin, creative director of ADOR, which helped New Jeans advance, had taken over as general producer of V’s solo release, and Korean and international media reacted to offer an account of it, making it one of the top stories at the time.

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