Sejal Sud was perplexed and posted a photo of the bill on Twitter. It displayed a plate of ‘Masala Maggie Noodle’ at Rs 193 after all applicable taxes.

While you are in an airport, the prices of various items vary substantially. Even a packet of potato chips might cost as much as Rs 100. A journalist named Farah Khan had previously tweeted about the simple combination of chai and samosa costing Rs 490 at the Mumbai airport.

Something similar happened recently with a YouTuber. Thus, at the airport, Sejal Sud purchased a plate of Maggi noodles. For Rs 193. Yep, you read that correctly.

Sejal was perplexed and posted a picture of the bill on Twitter. It displayed a plate of ‘Masala Maggi Noodle’ for Rs 193 after all applicable taxes.

“I just paid 193 for Maggi at the airport.” And I’m at a loss for words. “Why would someone offer Maggi at such an exorbitant price?” she stated in the caption of her image.

Needless to say, Sejal’s message drew a lot of attention and elicited a wide range of opinions from Twitter users.

“I guess this Maggi is made with jet fuel!” “Maybe,” one user joked.

“Transportation cost and maintenance,” another person commented.

“I bought Maggi cup noodles for Rs 250 and little mango juice for Rs 200 on my way back from Goa,” a third person added.

“That’s not just Maggi expense!” observed a fourth user. This includes airport rental, maintenance fees, logistics, and a small price for the airport experience! + GST and other charges.”

Tridip K Mandal, a Noida resident and journalist, recently complained about the exorbitant prices of popcorn and Pepsi at a PVR. and highlighted that the cost was nearly similar to the annual subscription fee for Amazon Prime Video.

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