Mahira Khan, who co-starred in ‘Raees’ with Shah Rukh Khan, recently opened up about her battle with manic depression.

During an interview with FWhy Podcast, the actress discussed the reaction she received after photos of her smoking with Ranbir Kapoor went popular on the internet in 2017. ‘That (backlash) brought out the anxiety and depression that was hiding inside me,’ Mahira reportedly stated. That was a difficult period for me. I felt as if I were being attacked. The never-ending backlash… You’re getting nasty tweets and comments on their (Indian) networks.

My trust was shaken at the moment, and I suffered from great worry to the point where I fainted one day. That was my first visit to counseling. But that didn’t work out because I saw multiple therapists… that year was difficult… I couldn’t sleep because my hands were shaking.’ ‘I ended up at a psychiatrist’s office,’ she added. ‘We’ll talk about everything later, but I need you to know you have manic depression,’ she said. I’m not sure if I should say that for the first time. I’ve been on antidepressants for six and a half years. I tried leaving them in the center and ended up in a very, very dark place.’Mahira also discussed how the 2016 Uri attacks and the ‘Raees’ controversy affected her mental health during the same interview.

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