Noise has launched a new smart ring in the Indian market, with the goal of attracting clients who are concerned about their health and fitness. It is a sleek and beautiful titanium smart ring that can track over 70 health and fitness data. Let’s take a closer look at its features.

Specs & Features

The Luna Ring is composed of lightweight and strong fighter-jet grade titanium and is designed to be pleasant and fit like a second skin. It is also scratch and corrosion resistant. The smooth inner shell and gentle outer edge make it easy to wear for extended periods of time.

The Luna Ring’s powerful sensors can monitor over 70 metrics, including heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep, activity, and body temperature. The PPG sensor and 3-axis accelerometer provide perfect tracking, catching even the smallest changes in your health and movement. For improved results, the optical sensors align precisely with your finger.

To deliver reliable measurements, the Luna Ring has built-in algorithms developed with Noise’s experience. It is intended to function with various skin tones while providing consistent and effective data. The customised nudges provide insights and notifications to assist you in making real-time health decisions.

There are no subscription fees to view health data on the NoiseFit App, a top-rated health and exercise app. The app delivers detailed statistics about your sleep, activity, heart rate, and body temperature, as well as personalized recommendations to help you improve your health.

The Luna Ring works with iOS 14 and Android 6 and above. It’s also waterproof up to 50m (164 feet), so you may wear it when swimming or showering. The Luna Ring has a battery life of up to 7 days on a single 60-minute charge, so you can wear it all day without worrying about it running out of power.

Price & Availability

Although the price of the Luna Ring has not been disclosed, the firm is offering a Rs. 2,000 priority access pass with the following benefits:

1) Pass members will receive an extra INR 1,000 discount on the day of purchase, for a total direct cash benefit of INR 3,000.

2) Customers who have a Priority Access pass can also purchase Noise i1 smart eyewear at a 50% discount, i.e. INR 4,499 only.

3) Passholders will also be eligible for INR 2000 in free liquid/damage/theft insurance.

4) Furthermore, extra exciting brand offers and guaranteed bundled benefits are only available to pass holders, allowing them to enjoy and enrich their lifestyle with the cutting-edge wearable, Luna Ring by Noise.

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