Footfalls at Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer are increasing, and Sunday is expected to be even higher.

Oppenheimer was fairly nice on Saturday with an increase in numbers after a wonderful start on Friday. The picture was already playing to sold-out crowds at IMAX and other premium venues, so there was little room for expansion. Furthermore, it is just about ordinary at the select Hindi screens. However, there was some room for growth at the other theaters where the film was playing in the English version, which is what happened on Saturday.

The picture made an additional 17 crores*, which is a very impressive number all over again. It may appear like the film hasn’t expanded much from Friday to Saturday, but given that it had such a strong start, all it had to do was replicate those figures for the rest of the weekend and then hold steady during the weekdays. The first step has already been done, with footfalls increasing on Saturday, and Sunday is expected to be even higher.

Oppenheimer has now reached the 30 crores mark, with total collections of 31.50 crores*. Growth on Saturday indicates that the 50 crores mark will be reached by the weekend’s end. That, too, would be a big accomplishment, especially given the genre.

Note: Please keep in mind that box office figures are based on estimations from multiple sources. Newsvoop has not independently confirmed the numbers.

By Deesha

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