Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar happily revealed their son’s name during a celebration, saying they had long ago decided on the name.

Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar, actors, have finally revealed the name of their son. The couple revealed the name of their son, Ruhaan, in a new YouTube vlog. Shoaib also revealed in the video that they had long ago decided on the baby’s name. Ruhaan was born on June 21st to the couple. Dipika had an emergency C-section, and Ruhaan spent several weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit.

They took an unusual approach to the name reveal, in which each family member held an LED-lit letter of the alphabet in their hands and unveiled the name together. “Our madam (Dipika) liked this a lot and she only thought and found the name,” Shoaib said of the name Ruhaan. We liked it a lot and were certain about the name from the start.”

Shoaib revealed that Dipika accidentally blurted out the name in a previous video. When the doctor asked Dipika what she was expecting during the operation, she replied, ‘I know it’s Ruhaan.’ Because of this revelation, they were forced to edit that section of the video in order to keep the name a surprise for everyone. “We were having problems while shooting the videos because we kept saying Ruhaan, Ruhaan,” he explained. We just wanted to keep it special because we celebrate small things in life and this was our child.”

The couple also gave their fans a sneak peek of the festivities, showing off an adorable train-themed cake. Along with the main cake, there were several cupcakes with names like ‘dadi,’ ‘dadu,’ ‘nani,’ and others on the table.

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