According to a fresh source, the Apple iPhone 15 Pro and, in particular, the iPhone 15 Pro Max will be in short supply when they are released in September. This appears to be related to issues with screen manufacture at LG Display.

These issues originate from the implementation of a new manufacturing process to reduce the size of the bezel. It appears to be a similar issue to one that Apple previously encountered with various Apple Watch models.

LG’s displays for the iPhone 15 Pro (and, especially, the Pro Max) are apparently failing durability testing during the process of fusing the display to the metal shell. Apple is now modifying the design of LG panels in order for them to pass the aforementioned tests, and it still has Samsung-made displays available for assembly.

Nonetheless, these concerns will purportedly result in a limited number of devices being available from the start. The most hardest to obtain will be the iPhone 15 Pro Max, followed by the Pro.

A rival story earlier today stated that Apple would postpone the debut by a few weeks, but this latest source contradicts that, sticking with the shortage theory. In any case, something is wrong with those displays, and it’s affecting Apple’s launch preparations.

By Deesha

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