Apple is due to release the iPhone 15 series next week, and while anticipation is strong, there is some good news for Indian consumers. There is a probability that the ‘Made in India’ iPhone 15 would be available soon after the global debut. Isn’t it exciting? Take a look at the information provided below.

Details about the Apple iPhone 15’s availability in India have leaked.

According to the Economic Times, Apple is planning to unveil the India-made iPhone 15 immediately following the worldwide debut on September 12. The arrival date is supposed to be’mid-September,’ which suggests there may be a few days between worldwide and Indian availability, which could be beneficial to Indian customers.

The iPhone 15 will be produced at Foxconn’s Chennai plant. This is really intriguing because Apple generally manufactures iPhones in India months after the worldwide launch. The gap was only narrowed with the iPhone 14, which began production in India in October, a month after its official release.

It has also been claimed that, while the ‘Made in India’ iPhone 15 will first be offered in India, it may eventually go global and arrive in the US and Europe, probably in December. As a result, India’s production will not be limited.

While there is no official word on whether this would affect the pricing of the new iPhones in India, it is a possibility that will relieve many. Especially because the iPhone 15 series is expected to receive a price increase. We’re not sure if the production will be done in India for the complete lineup or just the vanilla model!

Aside from this significant alteration, the iPhone 15 is expected to include a USB Type-C port (a first for an iPhone). This is touted to bring several benefits, including quicker data transfer and charging speeds, more compatibility, and the possibility to utilize a single charger for all Apple devices. The drawback is that the new USB-C adaptor will not be included in the box. While we would have preferred the inclusion considering that this is the first time Apple has included a USB-C connector, there may not be much criticism given that Apple has long stopped supplying a charger in the box.

In addition, the iPhone 15 series will include Dynamic Island and a 48MP camera, as well as several camera and performance tweaks and design changes. The launch is only 8 days away, so we should just wait and see what Apple brings to the table. Stay tuned for further details on the new iPhones, and in the meanwhile, you can get an idea from our Apple event expectations piece.

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